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In the first part of the series finale, Clary comes up with a plan that will bring Shadowhunters and Downworlders together, as Alec struggles for a way to help Magnus.

321 – ALLIANCE 5/06/2019

In the second part of the series finale, Jonathan begins his reign of vengeful terror as the Shadowhunters try to find a way to stop him. With only one hope, Clary must make a sacrifice that could have long-lasting implications for all. Meanwhile, wedding bells are in the air for one special couple.

322 ALL GOOD THINGS 5/06/2019

SHADOWHUNTERS > SEASON 03 > SCREENCAPS > 3×16 – Stay with me
March 25, 2019  judy No comments interview, kat mcnamara

Katherine McNamara (Clary) joins us for the latest episode of Farewell to Shadowhunters to talk about Season 3, Episode 14 “A Kiss From a Rose.” She takes us behind the scenes of that Jace (Dominic Sherwood) and Clary ice skating date, reveals the emotional moment of filming her final scene, and gives us a few teases on what’s to come in the final episodes. Shadowhunters airs Mondays on Freeform.

KAT AND DOM > INTERVIEWS > 2019 > ET chats with Male cast KAT AND DOM > INTERVIEWS > 2019 > Farewell to Shadowhunters: Dominic Sherwood – 03/05
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SHADOWHUNTERS > SEASON 03 > SCREENCAPS > 3×13 – Beati Bellicosi

SHADOWHUNTERS > SEASON 03 > SCREENCAPS > 3×14 – A kiss from a rose
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As the saying goes, “rules are made to be broken.” But what if the rules are there for a reason? Several members of the team must examine the reasoning behind certain rules after consequences to questionable actions come to light. Whether the rules were broken because of love, loyalty or revenge, does the end justify the means?

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Added the screencaps to Kat’s appearance as Mia Smoak on the CW series Arrow to the gallery.

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Also worked on a new header design mixing in s1-current season stills as a homage to the growing bond of Clace. Also the tumblr blog has a new design as well still working out tweaks on the tumblr page having some img issues but posts are still good.

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